Walking in Amalfi


… my latest Single Release, featuring 3 Original Piano Pieces,


all composed at the age of 17 – 19!



I’m really excited to let you know that on the 11th of November 2023 I have launched my latest Single “Walking in Amalfi” featuring 3 Original Piano Pieces. You can get it here .

The 3 pieces are “Walking in Amalfi”, that gives also the Title to the Single, “In una Magica Notte di San Lorenzo” and “In Riva al Mare”.

They have all been composed by me when I was a teenager, in between the age of 17 and 19 and just now published and distributed all over the world, on all the digital and streaming platforms.

They don’t want to reach the “dramatic intensity” of some of the pieces featured in my Album “Back to Life” or in the Single “The Wellerman – Sea Shanty”. 

They are really “light”, happy, dreamy, relaxed… written by a teenager living in the Amalfi Coast, not aware of the classical composition rules ( in those years I wasn’t studying Composition yet ): I was simply composing following the instinct and trying to “emulate” the more contemporary music I was listening those years ( more “jazzy” and “new age” than the one I was studying at the Conservatoire ). 

Indeed I was moved by the desire of composing music that could speak to people not used to classical music, keeping anyways the classical music forms, freely revised, in my own way. 

Here is again the Smart Link for the Single Release “Walking in Amalfi”



The Wellerman – Sea Shanty

My Original Piano Arrangement



I’m really excited to let you know that in June 2023 I have launched my latest Single, a Piano Arrangement of “The Wellerman – Sea Shanty”. You can get it here 

It is an explosive Piano piece, where new elements entirely composed by me have been melted with the traditional melody of the famous Sea Shanty. 

Since the lyrics and story behind the traditional song touched my heart so much, I decided to bring into music the “feelings” of the Whales or if you prefer the effects/feelings that this cruel practice has generated in those sensible to the wildlife. That’s what my original theme aims to reflect upon ( the second track part of this single release, “The Piano Sailor Jingle” ). 

I really hope you will like my rendition of it. 

Here is the Smart Link for the Single Release “The Wellerman – Sea Shanty”




Back To Life

 the Album you can’t miss!!!


I’m really excited to let you know that I’ve launched my Album ”Back to Life” in July 2020: it is an album made of seven original piano pieces, composed and played by me, available on all the Digital Stores.

For a direct link to Spotify click here .

For iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and also Spotify, cleck on the Album Title “Back to Life”.

Click on the name/link of the platform if you want to get it on Amazon MusicTidal, Napster.

You can also get it on many more digital platforms/stores, including Pandora.

Here is a direct link to my YouTube Channel , my Facebook FanPage and my Instagram .


There is some Piano Music that helps you relax, some takes you back to magic moments of your life, some makes your day like an energy bar, but there is also some piano music that can do all that at once.

Back to Life will be your vitamin boost, will be that sunshine you are missing, will be the soundtrack of your next adventure, a magic ship that will take you to unexpected lands, to a world you didn’t think could ever exist.

At the end of my performances I hear often from my public that my music is truly uplifting, and I definitely agree.

Pieces like “Coraggio”, “Back to Love” or “Nemesi” will raise in you the enthusiasm which in our days can easily fall, will wake up the lion hidden in everybody’s soul, and will help you win on your fears, raising your courage and thirst of victory over your limits.

“Back to Life” will help you forget about the Time and your busy life, because it will take you definitely back to your dream life; “Obsession” will take you back to your past, helping you meditate and find again the reason of your life, your goals; “Cometa”  will make you land in a movie, like the prince or the princess of the fairy-tale; “Aposiopesi” is bringing you into a picture of the 20th century or on a stage, where you’ll find yourself acting like you couldn’t ever guess…