Thank You!

Your Support will make the difference.

I’m really happy to know that you are planning to be part of my  Fundraising campaign I’m running especially on Patreon.

It’s not easy at all our life, especially if you are a musician part of a very restricted niche, in this era where “easy listening” music is “baked” every single day by “fast food music corporations” …!

If you believe in me and if you like what I’m doing, you can finally support me also financially.

Oh, don’t worry: we are not talking here about 100.000 Dollars or Euros or Pounds! It’s all about a symbolic gesture that can actually make a difference!

I’m attaching the link to my Patreon Page to make easy the access to the platform.

It’s a very exciting and interactive Fundraising where you could be a really active part of my project, giving me suggestions regarding new videos or covers you would like to listen and watch, rearranged by me, or, why not, you can even ask for a personalised Piano Composition!

Basically, you can support my activity by choosing one of the Membership you will see on my Patreon page ( called Tiers on Patreon ) that, at some point, you can even upgrade or stop, whenever you think that you can’t support me anymore: don’t worry because you will find there all the information you need.

As you will realise going on, I will be sharing especially Videos, from videos where I will play my compositions or covers, to videos where I will talk about myself, my pieces, my life, always with a hint of humour!

This fantastic project will lead me to my next Album, to much more professional videos and maybe even more…

So, now, let’s simply start!

Feel free to ask me questions and I will be there to reply!

Thank you for being part of my wonderful community!

All the best!