No matter how good we are, the Sun above is reminding us everyday about the importance of being humble.

Of course, we have to keep being amazing examples of humanity, inspiration, faith and will, but just like the Sun we need to pass from one “cloud” to another with great wisdom.

It isn’t about making rigid plans for an already pre-built future, it is just about having my dreams updated: with my head in the clouds and surely with my feet on the ground.

I would like to sculpt from the material of my mind and soul a new style of music, a new idea of musical performance as a form of performance, meditation and growth. It will be a phenomenon easily available for all kind of public, because I do truly believe in music as a healer, a fundamental ground for meditation and self-care, and of course an incredibly ample artistic reflection of the most relevant “mathematics” of the universe.

If you go through my Music, I am sure you will find a piece of yourself, weather you are a dedicated musician with years of preparation behind you, or if you are simply in love with the incredible vibrations of the sound.

Like any other Art, music has to be discovered, and the best way is taking a ride through the stories behind those notes.

In all my compositions you will find different meanings, various directions and influences. The connection line is that all of them are coming from the same source- original, with its ups and downs, but vivid and emblematic.

In old times, the arts, and especially the Music was considered a privilege and a “gift” for the highest class society only, it was bringing joy and delight exclusively to the ones in golden cages, later on, together with the major political changes in the world, the music has regained its impressive and powerful “wings” and started little by little writing history through sounds and pauses.

Within my compositions, with my musical style I am writing as well, it is a continuous story, with various colours, the most incredible and amazing turns. The greatest thing is that my “Novel” is available in all the languages, for the young and for the old, for simple and sophisticated, “to the poor and to the Queen” – the key is only one, listen with your ear and try to hear with your heart. You will be surprised of the outcome…